List Guidelines

  • The list content is to be confined to BIROC business only (and related discussion)
  • Members are requested to avoid discussion and conflict over ideology, but instead address discussion in terms of substantive business issues, and practical operations of the union.
  • Advertisements for non-IWW events are requested to seek moderator approval, prior to posting.
  • All posts are to use a relevant subject header.
  • No racist, racialised, or otherwise discriminatory language is to be used.
  • One line replies are not acceptable. Please address the issues raised by posts. If you want to indicate support or disagreement, please outline why you support or disagree with a proposal or argument.
  • Discussion is to remain friendly and constructive. Replies should address or develop the points raised by the initial post and/or subsequent comments.
  • Ridicule or belittlement of others views is not acceptable. Racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise discriminatory views which divide us and weaken the IWW and the Labour movement will however be challenged as unacceptable.
  • Posters should endeavour to keep posts beneath 800 words, wherever possible.
  • When posting articles relevant to BIROC business, please link and abstract. Do not post the entire article.
  • Please do not pursue unsolicited abusive off-list arguments. Members found to be pursuing others off list with abusive unsolicited emails will be asked to account for their actions.
  • Above all keep discussion agenda focussed and practical. Remember we are a mass organisation united around a common objective, but there are individuals hailing from a large number of places and viewpoints. We can work together if we are constructive and tolerant. As we grow this is likely to become ever more important.

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