Reportback from the Parliamentary Lobby on the 15th of February

“Just a quick report back on the Parliament debate and action afterwards. […] Pressure is baring some fruit, the Junior Minister have toeing the same sort of line pedalled by the Executive and the SFC, that there is nothing the Executive can do as their hands are tied (oddly they can act to provide additional funds when it is the Highlands and Islands University), and that oddly Dumfries and Galloway doesn’t need Humanities and Liberal Arts courses (whilst the rest of the country can have such access), something according to the Minister to do with ‘apples and pears’. No I don’t understand it either.

Highlight of the debate was hearing not just of the 2800 named petiotion organised by the students at Crichton, and the separate one being run by the local paper, but also a 400-name petition iunitiated by the students at the FE college.

Thanks to the large-scale public uproar and the actions taken, something to which MSPs made numerous mentions in the debate — the Minister has made a commitment to meet the SFC and Glasgow University to find a resolution. (see too Thursdays grudging comment by the Principal that he is willing to discuss future plans for GU in Dumfries).

Of course such a meeting may just be about sharing biscuits, and agreeing the phased pull out, but there is nonetheless a glint of hope, and with pressure continuing to be applied on all sides, and some innovative campaigning measures, there are grounds for the tiniest amount of optimism.”

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