Principal Faces Crichton Critics


Glasgow University principal Sir Muir Russell has met with staff and students on the Crichton campus in Dumfries.Student protest It followed the institution’s decision to halt undergraduate admissions on the site from September this year.

He emphasised to everyone on the campus that higher education provision at the Crichton would continue despite Glasgow’s decision to reduce its role.

Student representative Ruari McNeill said they had “got the message across” of their opposition to the move.

Sir Muir met with staff and students before a previously planned talk at the Easterbrook Hall.


A number of student protesters gathered outside the event to make their feelings known.

The University of Glasgow principal said he had been keen to deliver a positive view of the future of the campus.

“What I have been emphasising is one of the central points – that this is not about closure of the provision of higher education in Crichton,” he said.

“Sometimes there is an implication that Crichton is going to come to an end but that won’t be the case.”

Mr McNeill said he believed Sir Muir had been left in no doubt about the strength of local feeling.

“We certainly got the message across – whether we have moved it on anywhere is another matter,” he said.

“He was slightly more open about discussion with the funding council and Paisley University and Bell College so that was a little bit more positive.”

Tremendous support

However, he admitted there did not seem any prospect of reversing the decision to stop admissions in the autumn.

“If the will was there they could do it,” insisted Mr McNeill.

“There is tremendous local support for Crichton.

“We want the university to stay here and continue its involvement.”

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