IWW Workshop at R.I.B.





sat 12th May
CCA – 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.


free entry


stalls and resources from: 11am – 9pm – resource space (ground floor next to cafe)
related events: 3pm – 10pm (approx) – CCA 4 – (cinema space)


all events in the cinema are free
(though you will need to get a ticket from the front desk)


3.00 – 4.30
PRAXIS workshop
Building for Popular Democracy – a Strategic Perspective.
An Analysis of the current situation of the class struggle and an appraisal of the need for a strategic anarchist response.


5.00 – 6.30
IWW forum
An IWW organised public meeting to highlight recent campaigns – including the Crichton dispute and a strategy for building a mass militant workplace organisation. The Industrial Workers of the World is a grassroots, democratic and militant union that seeks to organise ALL workers in ALL industries in ALL countries into ‘One Big Union’.


7.00 – 8.30
A screening of the 1989 documentary film – Workers City; the subversive past. Chronicling ideas around radical Scottish working class history the film includes interviews with John Taylor Caldwell along with Farquhar McLay, Hamish Henderson and James D Young. Followed by a discussion.


9.00 – 10.00
HARRY HORSE celebration

All My Heroes Are Dead
A scratch performance by actor Tam Dean Burn to accompany the words and visuals of the late Harry Horse.


CONTACT the Radical Independent Book fair project

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