May Day {without comment}


From the text of a flier…

MAYDAY is International Workers Day, born out of the struggle for an 8 hour day in 1886. Over 100 years later our lives are still taken up by the world of work. Even more so now, as the work imposed by capitalism has become more casualised (temporary contracts, flexi time, part time, no time!) forcing us to adapt to the point where we have no control over our working lives whatsoever. This leaves us in a situation where our lives are always on hold, on call and at the mercy of the market. And all while the bosses get richer. Is that fair?

Our Leisure time too is filled with anxieties. The anxiety of not having enough money to pay the rent, go to the cinema, shop for food, clothes, stuff for the kids – anything! In reality our work never finishes and when we’re not at work we still end up making some other person even richer. Even looking forward to a nice retirement is set to become a thing of the past, with us soon to be working till we drop and a pensions crisis leaving many of us in fear of an old age of poverty. Is that fair?

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Workers throughout the world and throughout history have fought and won battles for better conditions, better jobs, better lives. We can do it again. May Day is our day, when we say stuff the bosses, and take the day off to celebrate. For the rest of the, we need to stick together and take back control of our jobs and our lives. The politicians won’t do it for us. No one will. it’s up to US. So let’s party on May Day and stick it to the bosses for the rest of the year!

Don’t moan – organise!


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