IWW Aberdeen MayDay wee report

It took us a while to recover:

IWW Aberdeen MayDay

Our first wobbly outing in Aberdeen was a great success: the free folk music night on 1 May was really busy, attracting lots of people who also picked up our leaflets. We kicked off with a short introduction at 8pm, followed by a duet of ‘Dump the Bosses Off Your Back’ by FW Keenan and her musical partner Scott Ironside. Local folk musicians Caroline Kemp, Brigid LeFevre and Pete McConville performed to an enthusiastic crowd, as did performance poet Rapunzel Wizard. Around a dozen people signed up to get email about the IWW and future events, and six people took sign-up forms with them. If just two of them sign up, we have a branch up here! In short, a good night seems to have been had by all, including the generous musicians and folk from the venue (The Tunnels), who helped us make this happen for free, and of course the people who came to the party.

We’re now following this up with a small film screening at very short notice (TONIGHT) and will do an event with more advance planning again soon!

…and we might remember to take photos too…

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  1. Sounds like a good day out

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