Come to the IWW Scottish Assembly!

The next Scottish Assembly is on Sunday, March 23rd from 1:15pm to 6:30 at the Friend’s Meeting House in Glasgow.

The Summer Assembly is an all-scotland IWW dayschool and organising event, open to both IWW members and non-members. This year we have workshops on:

* Organsing your workplace
* Getting the message out
* Problems and solutions at work
* The National Blood Service and what you can do to save it

There will also be an introductory session on what the IWW is, and a discussion session on what our tactics should be for IWW growth within Scotland. A late lunch will be provided, and a social is planned for afterwards.

If you have any questions either leave them as a comment here, or email

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2 Responses to Come to the IWW Scottish Assembly!

  1. Graeme says:

    Looks wonderful. Regards from the states, fellow workers!

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