IWW Supports Maryhill Finance Crisis Meeting [Glasgow]

The IWW is backing the public meeting on the financial crisis in Maryhill (North West Glasgow):-

Maryhill Burgh Meeting: The financial crisis – how’s it going to affect us in Maryhill
A public meeting for Maryhill and beyond: Woodside Halls, 7:30PM, Wednesday the 26th of November

Tenants, Homeowners, Ratespayers, Claimants, Refugees, Migrants: ALL WELCOME
PUBLIC MEETING: for the whole community

The financial crisis is likely to lead a loss of a number of jobs across the whole of the financial sector, across the retail industry lots of people risk losing their jobs, throughout the public sector the government will be looking to slash jobs to pay for the bailout of the banks, as well as to attack and privatise public services all the quicker as the government tries to subsidise failing investment firms through ever growing marketisation and privatisation of health, local government and education services. We need to begin to look at ways working people can stand up and challenge these attacks on our living and working standards. In the past working people fought back against an economic depression and won the national health service.

Today if we stand together we can resist further attacks and begin to better our lot. But we need to make changes to how we have fought back against the Thatcherite consensus through our trade union fights and in our communities if we are to hope to achieve all the good things in life, and the world we want our children to inhabit.

This meeting is going to be looking at these problems and this discussion, so we in the IWW support and encourage you to come along.

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6 Responses to IWW Supports Maryhill Finance Crisis Meeting [Glasgow]

  1. Marinkina says:

    Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  2. Cederash says:

    Действительно то что надо! А то сколько не лазишь по нету сплошное бла бла бла. Но не тут, и это радует!

  3. Ferinannnd says:

    Отличный пост – слов нет. Спасибо.

  4. Avertedd says:

    Офигеть просто! Все, блин, всё знают, кроме меня

  5. stock says:

    OHH Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. Adding this to my bookmarks. ^_^

  6. Peter Dean says:

    Would be interested to hear what came out of this public meeting.

    There is no fate but what we make.

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