Obituary to Dave Patterson

We revived the following news early this morning:

Dave Patterson, an electrician, who worked mostly overseas in places like Azerbaijan and Angola, died last night.

Dave joined the IWW before anybody else I know of in Scotland, before the Stevenson College branch of the 90s. He joined the Clydeside IWW, at its inception. He was born in Springboig, Glasgow, and as a teenager was involved in the formation of the National union of School Students in the mid 70s .He only rarely made meeting s& events due to his work, and his Scottish residence was south of Aberdeen.

He was a dual carder also in OILC. In the course of a year I would usually see him a few times, after attending different football matches or at the STUC Mayday. In 2011 he got married to Lucy, a nurse in Edinburgh. This year in May, he was absent. A mutual friend came up to me before the Clydeside IWW took part in the procession, to explain he had been diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable strain of cancer. A few days ago he was moved to a hospice in Gogar near Edinburgh.

This is a sad & sudden demise and in Scotland we mourn the loss of Dave, an unforgettable character. But knowing Dave and his affinity with the wobbly tradition, he would say – “Don’t Mourn, Organise!”

All fellow workers from across Scotland send our condolences to Dave’s family and friends.

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1 Response to Obituary to Dave Patterson

  1. Jim Doody says:

    Dave was a good fellow who knew the drilling rig business based on his many years of field and start up experience. Nice chap to work for. He always stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Houston when on business. His staff always looked forward to meeting him at the “Taste of Texas” on I-10 in Houston. The steaks and discussions were always enjoyable. He’ll be missed by all of us.

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