We think a Scottish Education Workers Network is needed now. Do you?

sewnlogoWe are education workers organising to strengthen ties within the education sector here in Scotland, throughout the UK, and around the world.

We represent an alternative, rank-and-file, industry-wide model of organising.

With the support of the Industrial Workers of the World and other like-minded groups, we are in the process of building a network of workers and students who are interested in fighting for our rights and in developing and sharing anti-capitalist teaching and learning practices through education forums, films, conversations, and writings.

Those of us who are members of the IWW will function within our TUC unions as dual carders and will work with other radicals to form caucuses within these unions. The Network also welcomes those with connections to the education sector but who are not currently permanently employed within it, or not members of any union.

Join us if you agree that…

  • workers and students, united non-hierarchically throughout the education sector, have every right to make and carry out decisions about curriculum and working conditions.
  • the skills agenda and corporate control, at all levels of education, have to go.
  • there is no place in our sector for a division between mental and manual labour; or on the basis of gender, religion, ethnicity, or physical ability. Solidarity, communication, and compassion within the working class is essential.
  • we need to take militant direct action against job cuts, department closures, give-backs on pensions and benefits, and excessive workloads.
  • the crisis in education is part of a global assault on the public sector, so building relationships and coordinated actions across national boundaries is very important.
  • we don’t support mainstream political parties, including the Labour party and the SNP, since their interests and methods are at odds with our principles of education for liberation.

Please contact us at hereandnowscot@gmail.com if you have questions about the Scottish Education Workers Network, or would like to join our email group (sewn@lists.iww.org.uk).

For information on upcoming SEWN actions and events, check our website https://iwwscotland.wordpress.com/scottish-education-workers-network/.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting project.

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