Ground Surveillance Helicopters – Permanently!

The Clutha Vaults tragedy on 29th November touched so many. It killed 7 pub users and injured many others, physically and emotionally. It happened because of the practice of low-flying helicopters used in dense urban areas increasingly. We are mourning the dead, some like John McGarrigle immortalised in print.

But “an injury to one is an injury to all “, as the wobbly slogan puts it. From mourning we should take the step to organise to highlight, oppose, and demand the end to the use of helicopters in this way.

Helicopters are used to convey the sick and injured – but that is a different use from that of the Police. How many of us have got up from our sofa to be met by a bright light, like a searchlight, barely clearing our tenements and houses?

The Clutha had a great reputation as a haven for radical & literary ideas, for poetry and live music. But in addition to commemoration, or rebuilding the Clutha we can add our opposition to the use of surveillance helicopters. This is not to blame the pilot, but to identify the practice, and the record of accidents and near misses associated with this practice. As with other aspects of the creeping surveillance State – we ask , what are they useful for, and who to?

Campaign to put an end to their use, this winter of discontent!

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