Keep May Day alive all year long…

 …Join the Industrial Workers of the World.


Whether you’re unemployed, studying, a lonely radical in your workplace or even already have a union, the IWW is for you.

The IWW, also known as the Wobblies, are an industrial union, founded in 1905, that provides an alternative to the centralised, hierarchical trade union model. We link our actions to a broad range of immediate and long-germ needs and rights of the international working class.

The Industrial Workers of the World believe that the working class can:

  • unite according to the principle ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’
  • reclaim our towns and cities, and move beyond the welfare state
  • challenge the status quo while working toward the new kind of world that is ours to create

We have general membership and industrial branches in Africa, Australia, England, Scotland, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the United States, and Wales. We welcome all new members who want to try their hand at horizontal union agitation, along with radical campaigning and solidarity actions industrial sectors and all those categories that are used to divide us.

Our programme is based on cooperation

It is central to the history and purpose of the IWW to act in solidarity with others in the anti-authoritarian revolutionary left. Without such efforts, we will fail to free ourselves from the thinking and structures of capitalism. This process depends on us taking the time, finding the space, and acquiring the tools for envisioning, creating, and practicing alternatives.

Right now, IWW Scotland members are working with the Scottish Peace Network and other community organisations on a project that combines our IWW principles and practices: planning World War I centenary events and actions that oppose rather than glorify militarism and imperialism. Before, during, and since the First World War, our union has maintained that the only war the working class have any interest in fighting is the class war.

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