Writers wanted for Strike Back #2

writingThe first issue of the IWW Scottish news-sheet was distributed mostly around May Day events. It was good to get something out, articulating some of the activities IWW branches & members are up to. However it could be improved, and cover more workplace issues and portray (by interviews or short experiences of job situations) the appeal of the Wobblies today.

I meant to get this notice out a bit earlier, though branches should have circulated various deadlines. The next issue needs to be printed by about July 10th, using our sympathetic printers in Glasgow.

So if you could put a short piece together could you let me know within the next 7-10 days (by 23rd) and have the final copy to me in 14-16 days.30th is FINAL date. A short deadline but sometimes best to focus thinking. In addition if you have notes about an issue but don’t feel confident about writing it in a news-sheet friendly format, send them to me and I’ll try and draft something in harmony with your intentions.


Keith Millar westscotland@iww.org.uk or hereandnowscot@gmail.com

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1 Response to Writers wanted for Strike Back #2

  1. Freeseagull44 says:

    Hi Keith, l’ve been talking to various fellow workers within the nhs, about their experiences and grievences of their working situations. l’d like to write something up about it, but don’t have much, and haven’t done this before. Not at home just now, but will look at my notes early next week and try to put something together and get back to you again. Rona

    IWW Scotland wrote:

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