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How to set up a stairwell / neighbourhood Covid-19 Whatsapp support group

Equipment: Pens, paper, phone, Whats app, internet connection It’s likely you’re going through some panic right now, or have done, or will around the drastic changes happening to our society over the next couple of month s. We’re in the … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day march 8th 2020

International Women’s Day event Sunday 8th March 2020   A day of international celebration for what we do, and will continue to do, to envision, and bring about, a world of justice, equality, and compassion– and an end to poverty … Continue reading

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Brexit, Scottish Independence, and Class warfare

In Scotland, Brexit has become rocket fuel for the independence debate. There is no doubt that Scotland being forced out of the EU against its will is preposterous, and self-determination is a worthy cause for any population Continue reading

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