General Membership Branches (GMBs)

Clydeside GMB (meetings 2nd Tues every month, Electron, CCA, Glasgow, 7.30)

Dumfries GMB

Edinburgh GMB

Industrial Union Branches (IUBs)

Educational Workers (IU620)

  • IU620 Central Scotland – Currently consists of workers in Fife, Stirling and the Lothian areas.
  • IU620 Clydeside – Currently consists of workers at Glasgow University and Strathclyde University.
  • IU620 Dumfries – Currently consists of workers at the Crichton Campus

For full list of industrial unions and departments go here


4 Responses to Branches

  1. eric chester says:

    Susan and I are back in Glasgow, hopefully for a long time, and we want to be working with our FWs in Glasgow. Send us an email where and when meetings are beig held.

  2. jimmcfarlane says:

    hi, not really in control of this site yet, but meetings are 2nd tues of month, next one in April 12th after march one coincided with Inter Wom Day

  3. mmgilchrist says:

    Next Clydeside meeting:
    Tues 13/03/12 at the Friends’ Meeting House, 7 for 7.30

    Film Night 20/03/12, at the Electron Club, CCA, same time, on the West Virginia Mine Wars

  4. Please forward to Eric Chester:

    I’ve written a book called Red Finns on the Coteau. It’s about Finnish Canadian farmers in Saskatchewan, many of whom went to Soviet Karelia.
    Sam Scarlett spoke at their meetings, and in 1931, during the Estevan Coal Strike in which Sam played a leading role, the police hunted him down where he was hiding out at a Finnish Canadian farm.
    Do you have any information on Sam Scarlett’s IWW activities in the American Southwest circa 1905 – 1914?

    Larry Warwaruk
    Saskatchewan, Canada

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