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Brexit, Scottish Independence, and Class warfare

In Scotland, Brexit has become rocket fuel for the independence debate. There is no doubt that Scotland being forced out of the EU against its will is preposterous, and self-determination is a worthy cause for any population Continue reading

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Book launch & talk: Wednesday 18th June

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Obituary to Dave Patterson

We revived the following news early this morning: Dave Patterson, an electrician, who worked mostly overseas in places like Azerbaijan and Angola, died last night. Dave joined the IWW before anybody else I know of in Scotland, before the Stevenson … Continue reading

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Singing Union!

The weekend of organiser training with Erik Forman, hosted in Glasgow, was inspiring and envigorating, attracting members from Inverness, Newcastle and London, as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh. One of the lighter issues that came out of a post-training chat … Continue reading

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THE IWW AND THE TRADE UNIONS; DUAL CARD ORGANISING. Adam Lincoln The question of how the IWW can and should organise workers who are trade union members is central to any attempt to transform the IWW into a growing union, … Continue reading

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