International Women’s Day – Friday 8th March, 12 pm in Glasgow


In honour of International Women’s Day – Friday, 8 March – a Rally and Walk of Pride will be assembling at 12 Noon in the Glasgow City Centre at the Dewar’s statue in Buchanan Street.

All are welcome to come together for singing, an open mic, a display of banners and placards, and leaflets on the history of this international holiday, and the ongoing importance of speaking out and fighting back against the twin evils of capitalism and patriarchy.

This will be followed by a Walk of Pride through George Square to the City Chambers to honour, in song and in spirit, ourselves, each other, and all lovers of liberty and equality.  Please join us as we demand respect and our rights: in our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our workplaces.

More information on this event, and the Industrial Workers of the World, is available from Clydeside IWW branch: clydeside[at]


About International Women’s Day

The history of IWD begins in the first decades of the 20th Century and is explicitly against capitalism and patriarchy.

In 1909, the Women’s Commission of the Socialist Party of America organises national Women’s Day marches to support women’s suffrage in the context of women’s rights, worker’s rights, and social justice. Inspired by this event, the Second International Congress, meeting in Copenhagen in August 1910, approves the proposal of its Conference of Socialist Women for an annual International day of action to protest
discrimination against women in all facets of society. The specific date to be decided by each affiliated organisation.

In 1913, Russian women organise International Women’s Day rallies. They choose the 8th of March as the date because it coincides, in their new calendar, with the date of the 1909
marches. In 1917 on 8 March, the women in Petrograd take to the streets demanding an end to Russian involvement in the First World War. This sparks a revolution that topples three centuries of Tsarist autocracy, and establishes 8 March for the worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day.

Since then, women have not stopped fighting back against repression – at the personal, economic, and political levels. The analysis, programme, and actions of these socialist feminist women of our radical past can help guide our way.

So Happy International Women’s Day: a day of solidarity, resistance, hope, and joy!


A PDF version of this statement is available here: International_Womens_Day_2019

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